RED BOW Records artist Rachel Farley released her latest single, “Midnight Road” to Country radio yesterday, earning double digit adds upon impact including adds in major markets of Detroit, MI; Washington, DC; Minneapolis, MN; Kansas City, MO and Denver, CO. “Midnight Road,” is the follow-up to Farley’s debut hit, “Ain’t Easy.”

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“Midnight Road” takes listeners on a whirlwind ride through the emotions of young love and the exhilaration of unexpected turns in a new relationship.

Co-written by Farley alongside Nashville songwriters Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan, “Midnight Road” has been the recipient of early buzz from industry tastemakers, even earning the young Georgia native vocal comparisons to Grammy-winning superstar Kelly Clarkson.

“The arrangement is very adventurous, but what really sets the song apart is Farley’s vocal – which manages to strike a balance of a sensual streak with a dash of vulnerability.”
~Chuck Dauphin, Billboard

“Rachel’s capable voice, thick with texture, combines with this ‘I dare you to fall in love with me’ lyric so beautifully that you’ll want to buy a ticket to the movie that the song creates in your mind.”
~Tammy Ragusa, Country Weekly

“Sounding far older than her 18 years, Farley… sings the song with a throaty belt carved from the same mainstream bedrock as Kelly Clarkson. Still, “Midnight Road” feels like a time capsule from our teenage days, back when the weight of the world rested on whether or not our crush called us back.”
~American Songwriter

“The 18-year-old is a country-rocker in the making, and this song will find plenty of ears if Nashville is ready for another edgy female willing to push the boundaries.”
~Taste Of Country

“She brings a certain authenticity to her music that makes you believe every line she sings. The song is about a relationship that could go either way and has Rachel singing lines that mix vulnerability with sass…”

“Young country crossover singer Rachel Farley recently released her single ‘Midnight Road’ and it sounds like a pleasant mix of Kelly Clarkson’s voice and Miranda Lambert’s attitude… Farley’s incredible vocals over some screaming guitars makes for some serious radio potential for this young artist’s second single under Red Bow Records.”
~Thirteen Bars Blog